Being a Warrior symbolises a team capable of fighting relentless battles and not giving in.

The Central Warriors are a franchise of the Adelaide Premier League. Where cricket players of all ages will benefit from the opportunity to learn and experience T20 cricket. We’re taking a new and innovative approach to the traditional game we know and love.

We’re creating an opportunity to showcase their talents by providing juniors and seniors with the chance to play the exciting brand of cricket that is idolised on TV.

  • Junior Launch Event
  • Player Draft
  • APL Round Robin
  • Training Camps & Clinics
  • Club Merchandise
  • Senior Launch Event
  • Player Auction
  • APL Tournament
  • Sportsmans Luncheon
  • Sponsorship Packages


The Sunshine Coast is set to feature within a new privately owned Twenty20 cricket league backed by high profile owners which will cater for juniors through to seniors.
The Adelaide Premier League (APL) is set to change the cricketing landscape in Australia forever with a new privately owned league for juniors through to seniors backed by high profile owners and a fresh approach to the game.

“Many cricketers of all ages want to play more each season! The Australian Premier League has created just that.”

– Ian Healy AO.
It’s your exclusive opportunity.

Get selected by the Central
Warriors in the inaugural Adelaide Premier League.


April 29th

Senior Auction


Coming Soon

June 4th

Marlins Squad Unveiling Race Day


Coming Soon

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BPL Jnr FInals-290
BPL Jnr FInals-292
BPL Jnr FInals-302
BPL Jnr FInals-309